Friday, May 9, 2008

Best music sites on the web

Music is the universal language that knows no boundaries and is only limited by the creativity of its creators. Find below the best and most resourceful and diverse music websites I have stumbled upon on the net.

1. Unsigned Band Web

Unsigned Band Web delivers on the promise that new bands are discovered everyday, because at Unsigned Band Web visitors to future music starts who are waiting for their chance to shine before their audiences.

2. Grooveshark

This one of top web2.0 musical players online where you can make and save playlists among and the best of all is that all music is of high quality.

3. Artist Direct

Artists Direct is the place to visit when in the mood to listen to Hip-Hop, Pop. Rock and the rest of styles out there. Download free music or watch free music videos to reserving your concert tickets in advance with the speed and convenience found at Artists Direct each and everyday.

4. Spiral Frog

Signup at Spiral Frog and get access to over one million songs that you can download legally and free. Discover new artists that you probably haven't ever heard of before or stay with the tired and true recording artists that are known for packing large stadiums of screaming and adoring fans.

5. Pandora

Fall in love again, with the possibility of stumbling across a brand new artist, group or band that have been captured through Music Genome Project and overseen by Pandora, so that the flow of new musical talents don't go unnoticed. If you enjoy sampling the sounds of a creative crop of new and still probably new, undiscovered talented, then you will find a whole new world of sounds to delight your listening pleasures.

6. Roxwel

Get all of your metal rock, rock-n-roll and indie rock all on one comprehensive website and download load the music that you like for free.

7. Blastro

Bust a beat to your favorite Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Pop and Dance music genres where the songs are sassy and the music is free.

8. Digitally Imported

Get ready to burn up the dance floor to the electrifying electric dance music with highly addictive elements of the unique style that only electronic music can bring. Get free radio channels featuring recording superstars, DJs and the hottest exclusive shows anywhere.

9. Deezer

Listen to or download your greatest music icons' masterful works for free or participate in the Deezer online community and make new friends who enjoy the same music as you do.

10. Free Music Zilla

Freemusiczilla is an application that gives you a possibility to download music directly from social music services from places such as: IMEEM,, Pandora, MySpace, eSnips, Mog, Digg, and almost all social music services. Freemusiczilla supports all web browsers, has no adware or spyware and is super light, micro-sized and resource-friendly. Best of all, it's free to download.

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