Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When I feel frustrated?

  1. When people around me prove that stupidity is not only occurring occasionally but also being universally accepted.
  2. When a person acts and pretends that the world and creatures therein are mirror reflections of him/her and any deviation is automatically dubbed as erroneous and unsolicited.
  3. When no matter how hard I try to hammer certain rather simple concept or idea into the head of certain people and no matter how much they waive their heads and act affirmatively as if they understood perfectly what was required and expected from them, the results are undoubtfully the same – rather their absence.
  4. When arrogance and ignorance synthesize in such a way as to create a resonance of human irrationality and pettiness, any level of which will not only tend to be toxic but also mortally lethal.
  5. When any rational and explainable behavior is taken to a ride and considered unacceptable just because it is not a corresponding to a norm in that country, group or society.
  6. When ideals, words, actions and intentions of people look very much like four arrows of a compass.
  7. When I see people who wore rosy glasses instilling change, equality and prosperity of human societies and when they don’t realize and thereafter recognize the large disconnect between the world of dreams and reality.
  8. When people tell “I want to make a difference.”
  9. When people evoke methods of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi as universal rules of achieving drastic change rather then exceptional happenstances.
  10. When people think they really know much when all they know is that they think they know much.
  11. When touching sensible topics (on religions, human rights, etc.) during social outings arouses not only prudence and cultural sensitivity in person but also utter disgust (in the worst case) or polite indifference (in the best case).
  12. When hypocrisy is so flagrant that one feels like closing one’s eyes in order to avoid notice – unfortunately it never helps.

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