Monday, April 28, 2008

How the world conspires for or against us?

What is that I was thinking when I logged into my Blogger this time?

By the time I got to this page where I am typing now, I already have forgotten.

This was one of those days when I had my head spinning through the very same and by now banal questions of life and death, change and constancy, intervention and laissez-faire. Same old lines of thought, same old conclusions.

But there was something new that has been buzzing in the corner of my mind for some time now. How much is each individual influenced by thoughts of others about him/her. Did you ever ask yourself, how certain days are good and certain days are bad, be it in our daily or long term accomplishments, relationships, state of mind, etc.

Is each day random? How is the fact that people have me in their thoughts and dreams influencing me? Does it at all? I believe it does.

There are days when many people call me. There are many days when I get much positive input from independent parties. There are many days when I succeed in everything I try myself in. My daily interactions are as varied as they possibly can. There is no correlation, no overlap, no preliminary agreement or accord. But things happen in concert – directing us towards one way or another. Of course, opposite – overall bad or negative days – are totally common place as well.

How is it possible? How so many independent things, occurrences, people, events come together and start acting at one time in one place and on one person in a very concerted way? Think about it and remember that even the most unconceivable of things might and perhaps are possible.

One day perhaps cognitive sciences will come close to answering these and other questions, which many people dismiss as inappropriate due to lack of choice and information.

Think about it..


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