Monday, March 17, 2008

The Truth About Barack Obama

Although the Democracy for America community voted to endorse progressive candidates for president and Senator Barack Obama was one of three who qualified, there's been no further endorsement and this email is not intended to be one.

The purpose of the email is to provide some factual information to people who may have been confused by gossip and a media script that often has little relevance to the election process. Even if elections are mainly a voter-driven activity, it's important that the information distributed about the candidates be accurate.

Enjoy. And, if you find it worth-while, pass it on.

Subject: The Real Truth About Barack Obama!

As enthusiastic volunteers in the Barack Obama campaign for the Presidency, we have put together a list of facts about Barack so that you will know the truth about him. Please follow the links we have included for documentation of these facts. If you value the truth as we do, please spread this information via email, blog, or any other means, to everyone you know.

  1. Did you know that Barack Obama is a Christian? He has been a member of the same United Church of Christ congregation for 20 years, and was married there to his wife Michelle in 1992. [1] [2] [3]
  1. Did you know that Barack Obama often leads the US Senate in the Pledge of Allegiance? [4]
  1. Did you know that Barack Obama is a strong friend of Israel and has spoken out strongly against anti-Semitism? [5] [6]
  1. Did you know his grandparents from Kansas were part of the "Greatest Generation"? His grandfather served with Patton's Army during World War II, and his grandmother, a real "Rosy the Riveter", worked in a bomber assembly plant back home. [7] [8] [9]
  1. Did you know that Barack Obama was opposed to the war in Iraq from day one, before we invaded, even while he was running for the Senate, and knowing his opposition might be politically unpopular? [10]

Source: Blog for America

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