Sunday, December 30, 2007

Selected on 30.12.2007

The "war" on Muslim women
Some statistics..

"You've got to find what you love," Jobs says
Addressing to undergrads of Stanford, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave a volatile, joyous, and very inspirational speech.

Proof that girls are evil
You should have some knowledge of math to understand this.

List of unusual deaths
Wikipedia list of unusual deaths from ancient times to modern age wars..

How language works
An informative guide on some aspects of langauges and their "rationale" from Indiana University..

World's top 100 wonders
A quick-fact data on wonders of the world. Nothing too deep. Klapp und klar as they say in german.

Psychological ("personality") Types

FunnNNNNNyYYyy pics!!!
(Love that one with sausages..;) )

When Insults Had Class
Some beautifully phrased and intricately delicate insults and insinuations of great and not-so-great people..

Amazing shots of mother nature, so pure and innocent

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